With Love...and Italchos.

After 15 years in the restaurant business, owner Jeannie Terilli took a hiatus from the hustle of the food industry and started her own landscape company. After digging 5 gallon holes in the Texas summer heat, she seriously reconsidered her decision. Still uncertain, she would flip a coin to decide whether or not to go back into the restaurant business, asking God to control the coin in the air and land it with her fate. Heads for opening a restaurant, tails for continuing to dig those holes. Sure enough, God had restored her faith in the restaurant business. Terilli started asking her friends and family what to call this new restaurant venture. Terilli’s became the unanimous vote. Starting with a name and working from there on, she wanted to know what food she should serve. Italian became the obvious choice. So began the development of the future menu of Terilli's.

While developing the restaurants recipes,Terilli wanted to serve pizza, but decided against this because of her family and friends currently in the pizza business. Besides, pizza was just too easy. She wanted something new and fresh. Bold but not frightening. Little did she know that she had created her own culinary masterpiece that launched Terilli’s to its current fame. In the past, Terilli sold so many nachos in her previous restaurant venture she decided to create an Italian Nacho. Which became a registered trademark today called the “Italchos.” The chips from the nachos are created from a secret recipe and made fresh daily in the restaurant, to give the dish its rich and unforgettable taste. Haven’t tried them? Get ready to be hooked.
Here at Terilli's all of our patrons are considered family. Our restaurant is owned and run by members of our family. The way we see it, that invitation should be given to the people that come and experience our delectable Italian cooking. We look forward to seeing you.

Italchos [ee-tal-chos]__noun_-an origina