Terilli's History

The Terilli Family originated in Esperia, Italy. Pietro (Peter) Terilli (Papa T) lived with his Father, Luigi Terilli, and Mother, Filomena Ciavolella, his Sisters, Emillia and Maria, and Brothers, Michael, Joseph and Antonio, who all lived together in the village of Esperia. 

The Terilli Family traveled to America by boat and settled in New York City in 1933. The Family owned and operated a Restaurant and Grocery Store underneath an elevated subway across the street from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.  Peter Terilli lived in Little Italy and delivered groceries by bicycle, at age 12, from the Terilli owned Grocery Store. 

Peter Terilli enlisted in the United States Air Force at the age of 19, and was stationed in Phoenix, Arizona.  He met and married Vada Murr, September 9, 1944. The Couple moved to Dallas, Texas, after the birth of their first son, James Louis Terilli. Peter and Vada had 3 more children, Gloria Jean Terilli, John Michael Terilli and Joseph Peter Terilli.  

After graduating from college, Gloria Jean Terilli (Jeannie Terilli), was encouraged to open an Italian Restaurant.  After a flip of a coin, heads- yes, tails- no.  The coin landed heads- yes and Jeannie opened Terilli's Restaurant. The concept was Fun Italian.  Terillis opened on Lower Greenville in 1985 and is now considered a mainstay in the Dallas Restaurant Industry for over 35 years. Terillis Restaurant is owned and operated by Jeannie Terilli, Joey Terilli and Amanda Terilli Loyd. 

Enjoy our Family Italian recipes, garnished with a Texas Italian influence!